Jay Chou rants at Netflix Taiwan over lack of publicity for J-Style Trip

Netflix recently partnered Taiwanese Mandopop star Jay Chou for a travelogue series, but while it has been a hit, he is not too happy about the streaming giant’s marketing efforts.

On April 3, the 41-year-old singer attacked Netflix Taiwan for excessively promoting Korean programmes instead of his show, J-Style Trip. He posted a screenshot of Netflix Taiwan’s Instagram feed on his own page and asked: “Is this Korean Netflix?”

Indeed, Netflix Taiwan’s official Instagram page has been packed with promotions for Korean serials like Itaewon Class and Kingdom, while Chou’s show has only been featured once on March 10.

The 12-part series premiered on March 21, with new episodes are added weekly. It follows Chou travelling around the world with his buddies and celebrity friends like Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and Singaporean pop star JJ Lin.

But Netflix was quick to assure the singer of the show’s priority. It explained that it was experimenting with other marketing strategies and did not want to receive backlash for promoting a travel-centric series amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sure enough, Netflix subscribers have come out to say that the promotional e-mails they received from the platform feature J-Style Trip at the top of recommendations.

It seems Chou has been pacified as he has since taken down his posts.

Stay home and watch my show”J-Style Trip”on #netflix

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如果還沒看今天的J-Style Trip 記得看喔 You guyz might have heard of the narrative where Moses holds out his staff and the Red Sea parts. If you haven’t seen it, there’s magic in Episode 2 of “J-Style Trip” on Netflix. #magic #netflix @netflix @netflixsg #singapore

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