It’s the Day After the Election. What’s Your Take?

The Democrats took control of the House and won a few critical governorships during Tuesday’s midterm elections, delivering a rebuke of President Trump, as Republicans maintained control of the Senate and had their own big successes in state races.

How are you feeling about the results? What do you think they say about the state of the country? Tell us in the comments how you think the election results will affect you, your community and the country at large. We will be featuring some of the comments below. Learn how to comment here.

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Here are a few reactions we have already heard from our readers in our comments section. They have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

Reader Reactions to the Election

Mostly I’m relieved to know that while our democracy is still broken, it’s not dead, and that Democrats can actually win the races they’re projected to win. There’s good news on the diversity front, and it’s great that we’ve flipped a few Midwestern governors.

But we must accept the fact that this was not really a defeat for Trump, and may actually help him. The blue House will provide him with fresh fodder for his Twitter rants and a new place to focus his wrath and make his base feel aggrieved.

History teaches us that there is no reason to assume that the Democrats’ successes this year will lead to a return to power in 2020.

Nothing can undo the damage that Trump has already done and will continue to inflict, including the stacking of SCOTUS and lower courts with justices that will turn back the clock on hard-won rights for generations to come. And there’s no reason to hope that the deep divisions in our country won’t deepen and become even more bitter and violent.

We now know two sobering facts: most of Trump’s voters don’t have buyer’s remorse, and voting patterns don’t radically change when everyone shows up to vote. The election confirmed that we can’t blame our country’s divisions on voter apathy or foreign agents: this is just who we are right now.

— James Jacobs, Washington

Most of the media is characterizing the Democratic Party's gain in the House as signs of Democratic revival. However, the party that does not have the White House almost always gains dramatically in the midterms.

— David Gottfried, New York

There is no way that last night was a big victory for Trump OR Republicans, and he knows it. The only silver lining for Trump is that the Senate stayed in Republican hands, but that is more a reflection of electoral circumstance than anything else.

— SouthernBeale, Nashville

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