Hotel chain offers guests £70 Instagram ‘sitters’ to take their holiday pictures

For some tourists, it turns out the stress of maintaining a perfect Instagram account while on holiday can be too much.

That’s according to hotel chain Ibis, which now offers Swiss customers a ‘social media sitter’ to help them relax.

For fees of upwards of £70, it says holidaymakers can enjoy their trip without a phone in their face – because a local influencer takes over their account.

Ibis says it was launched because many people “have the tendency to live important moments through their smartphones, rather than enjoying the moment”.

A tongue-in-cheek advert for the service says: "Enjoy your city trip without digital stress.

“Our social media sitter takes care of your Instagram profile so you can explore the city in peace.”

And it continues: “Let yourself be served by selected influencers and locals. Our Instagram professionals will provide the best posts on your profile while you enjoy the city without a smartphone in front of your face.”

The advert shows a man and woman in a boat in an idyllic lake.

As the man takes pictures, people emerge from the water shouting hashtags he could put with the images.

Then a man appears and says he doesn’t like the colours, and a crying woman shouts at him: "You were here with her, is this the new me?

"How could you? I’m unfollowing you right now."

As things appear to be getting too much for him, a white-suited man appears behind him and takes the phone from his hand.

He then proceeds to post for him, allowing the man to focus again on his partner.

Ibis is offering the service, named Relax We Post, in 17 of its hotels in Zurich and Geneva.

Among the ‘influencers’ employed to do it are Sara Leutnegger, who has more than 100,000 Instagram followers, and Cristina Gheiceanu, who has more than 140,000.

These influencers are briefed on what clients want, and asked to take and upload holiday snaps, in tune with social trends, posting perfect landscapes and city scenes.

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