Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok missed seeing his mother one last time before she died

Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok, who first made his name in the 1990s with songs like Loving You Forever, is known for his love towards his mother.

But the 54-year-old did not get the chance to see her one last time before she died earlier this month while he was on a concert tour in the United States.

Madam Kwok was in her 90s, Hong Kong media reported.

Kwok, the youngest of five children, is known to be close to his mother and was often seen in public with her holding her hand. Once, in 2017, he was also seen shopping for a Mother’s Day gift.

He would pay tribute to his mother whenever he receives an award.

The Hongkong star’s close bond to his mother goes back to when he was still a young boy. Kwok once shared that his mother would cook for him and carry him when he was younger.

Even after he has carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry, the singer said that he has always remained a child in his mother’s eyes.

In January last year, Kwok had expressed concerns over his mother’s declining health to fans at one of his concerts in Macau and added: “My mother really loves me. I will work hard to be a good father and husband.”

In 2017, Kwok married 32-year-old Chinese model Moka Fang and they had their first daughter, Chantelle, the same year. Last year, he announced the arrival of his second daughter, Charlotte Kwok.

Madam Kwok’s funeral is scheduled to be held on March 4. Kwok has expressed his gratitude to everyone for their concern through his manager Leung May May, who confirmed news of his mother’s death on Tuesday (Feb 25).

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