Here's What St. Patrick's Day Looked Like In Ireland Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

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In Dublin, a city that sees an average of 500,000 visitors each year on St. Patrick’s Day, festivities have been halted and pubs shuttered after the Republic of Ireland announced over the weekend a two-week lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, pubs were crowded with revelers who blatantly ignored the government’s warning, resulting in a lockdown on Monday of all restaurants and bars. Still, a handful of emerald-clad party goers insisted in disobeying the order on St. Patrick’s Day and continued to socialize in close proximity with others amid a deadly global pandemic.

These pictures show what the streets of Dublin looked like on St. Patrick’s Day amid the coronavirus outbreak.

A man wearing a shamrock suit walks along the normally bustling parade route on O’Connell Street.

Streets in the normally bustling Temple Bar district are quiet.

Two women in clover patterned face masks near the Temple bar.

People share a drink on the streets of Dublin.

A man in a face mask walks past a man dressed as St. Patrick near the Temple bar.

Tourists dressed in St. Patricks day themed clothing tour normally crowded streets in the Dublin city center.

A souvenir seller waits for business in Dublin city center.

A couple walk their children along the normally bustling parade route on O’Connell Street.

A woman wears a protective mask in the popular Temple bar area of Dublin.

A tourist walks near O’Connell Street in Dublin.

Police officers walk past a boarded up bar following the cancellation of the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebrations.

Tourists wearing St. Patrick’s Day related clothing explore the city.

A woman walks in the popular Temple bar area of Dublin.

The normally thronged St. Patrick’s day parade route is virtually empty.

A closed sign is pictured outside a pub in the popular Temple bar area.

People gather in the popular Temple bar area of Dublin.

A man checks to see if a bar in the Temple Bar district is open.

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