Fly Geenius Taps Aleali May For Collaborative Vanson Leathers Caspule

After tapping New York City’s Scarr’s Pizza for a collaborative capsule collection earlier this year, streetwear label Fly Geenius has unveiled its latest lineup for Vanson Leathers in partnership with multi-hyphenate creative Aleali May.

Davon Bean, founder of Fly Geenius and freshly-appointed creative director of Vanson Leathers, recruited May for the range, marking FG’s first-ever collaboration with a female designer and a union between two Black creatives with a shared vision for leather-packed streetwear.

“When I became the creative director for Vanson Leathers streetwear division, one of my goals was to shine light on female bike riders, and women in fashion,” Bean told Hypebeast. “The first person I thought of was Aleali May. She is an inspiration for many of her generation; a charismatic female powerhouse, full of creativity, and innovation.”

The biker-punched collection includes custom-designed jackets, vests and accessories crafted by Vanson, each fusing functional gear with a standout-statement mentality. Zooming in, double-take-worthy logo patches, signature iconography and bold tones largely encapsulate the lineup thanks to May’s penchant for daring style.

Speaking of, May’s personal design ethos comfortably resides between the high-fashion domain and the streetwear archetype, blending elements of masculine and feminine tropes for an oftentimes genderless aesthetic. Forging new paths for female visionaries with this latest partnership, May is no stranger to breaking down industry walls — last year, she became the first woman to design unisex sneakers for Jordan Brand.

“I’m really excited to share this new collaboration with Davon of Fly Geenius,” May said. “With Davon being the first creative Director of Vanson, and it being my first collab with Vanson, it’s important to celebrate each other and the progress we’ve made thus far!”

“The heritage of Vanson Leathers runs deep as I grew up in the motorcycle culture, from my dad,” she added. “It’s great to see how happy he is about it, as well. But that’s exactly what I do it for! Staying true to yourself, go hard, and go with the ebs and flows of it all.”

The Fly Geenius x Aleali May collection will officially launch on September 9, though it is already available for pre-sale on Fly Geenius’ website. Take a look at the collection in the gallery above.

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