'FIFA 22' Is Testing Cross-Play for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

Eight months after the game’s original launch, EA Sports is now finally testing out cross-play for FIFA 22. The announcement was made in the game’s latest edition of Pitch Notes, which revealed that the publishing giant will now be running tests on the new feature across the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Unfortunately, previous-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One weren’t mentioned, so it’s not known at the moment whether cross-play will ever arrive properly on those platforms, but those on current-gen devices will be able to play with each other across both Online Seasons and Online Friendlies.

EA noted that it has decided to restrict cross-play to just these two modes for now because it doesn’t want to introduce more potential issues with the game, but players can probably expect a wider coverage once the feature officially launches for the title.

As for how you can enable or disable it, EA says there’ll be a new widget on the bottom right corner of your screen when you’re on either mode, allowing you to toggle cross-play on and off. From there, you’ll also be able to find your friends playing FIFA 22 regardless of their platform, or choose people to either mute or block. Alternatively, you can find all of these settings in the Matchmaking Options Settings screen.

There’s currently no specific launch or end date for the cross-play test, and EA hasn’t announced when it might become a full feature, but it hopes to look at community feedback after the test.

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