Elk-hunting Russians find an ‘alien’ space rocket crashed in remote woodland

Two Russians were on a hunting trip for boar and elk – and stumbled across the wreckage of what they first thought was an "alien" space rocket.

They made the find as they prepared to stay the night in a remote hunt and heard a deafening crash through the pine trees.

Next morning they went to investigate.

“We saw lying here such an alien device,” said one on a video recording the rocket.

Then they saw a RKTS Progress sign on the rocket confirming it was Russian and used for a Soyuz launch.

The hunters gave their verdict on the find in the remote tundra – “what a case!” and “damned amazing”.

“You go hunting and it can fall right on top of you,” said one.

The spaceship had “broken all the pines while falling” several hundred feet from them.

The video is believed to be from the Komi republic in the far north of Russia, although the hunters have not identified themselves.

It is estimated the rocket fell around 350ft from a road.

The discovery is believed to have been in September but the video only emerged recently.

The men became concerned as they inspected the wreckage which its believed to have been on a flightpath from a launch from Plesetsk cosmodrome.

One of the hunters said: "Look here are kind of oxygen cylinders…

The other warned him: "Don’t touch, it can be radioactive."

The Komi republic has collectors of rocket debris and the hunters said that “the scrap gathers will be here soon”.

Homeowners in the far-flung region have made collections of old rocket parts.

A picture shows how metal launch debris is used as a garden water tank.

Inventive Russians have also made boats from wrecked rockets.

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