Dr Alex George is 'disappointed' to find out he doesn't have coronavirus antibod

Dr Alex George has found out he doesn’t have the coronavirus antibody and told fans the results from his test have left him a little ‘disappointed’

The doctor, who found fame on ITV2 dating series Love Island, has been working on the NHS frontline during the coronavirus pandemic.

He has been documenting his experience on social media and via his YouTube channel and on hearing he would be tested for the coronavirus antibody, Dr Alex decided to share his test results online.

He wasn’t previously aware of his result, opening the text sent with his results in for the first time on camera.

Filming himself from his home in London, Alex said that it was a ‘huge moment’ for him both professionally and personally.

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He said prior to reading his results: ‘This is a huge moment both professionally because I’ve been working on the frontline and personally because I really want to see my girlfriend and friends.

‘I know it doesn’t change anything in terms of guidance right now, if I have anitbodies I can’t change the way I’m behaving but it does make me think in the future it could potentially play a part.’

Alex then revealed: ‘Antibodies were not detected, well that’s quite a shock… I don’t have the antibody, that’s a real surprise.

‘I’m quite shocked by that, if you think about it I have been there on the frontline since the start… I’ve been exposed to hundreds… and seen a large number of patients.’


Admitting he had hoped to have the antibody, Alex said: ‘I’m a bit disappointed, I know that sounds really weird and a bit ridiculous, of course I don’t want to have caught covid-19, but also there’s a part of you that thinks I would like to be immune.

‘It would mean I’m a less of a risk to loved ones around me.’

Alex added that he thinks it shows how well PPE works and how important it is.

He told fans that while he’s been working on the frontline, he hasn’t had any symptoms of coronavirus and he has been sticking to social guidelines as best he can.

There are currently over 276,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK, with the number of deaths now reaching 39,000.

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