Dark: Hannah Has an Important Storyline in Season 3 — Here's a Breakdown

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Season three of Netflix’s Dark has finally hit the streaming service (on the day of the fictional apocalypse!), and reader, things in Winden are more confusing than ever. One of the most mind-blowing concepts of season three? That Hannah Kahnwald, Jonas’s mother, becomes pregnant, not once but twice . . . in two different realities.

In addition to the three main decades involved in the show’s never-ending time loop, at the end of season two, we were introduced to an alternate Martha Nielsen, who explains that she comes from another reality. If this first world is Adam’s world — Adam being the Sic Mundus “traveler” who Jonas eventually turns into — alternate Martha’s reality is Eva’s world. Eva — the woman Martha eventually becomes — is the puppeteer of this world, which is also plagued by reoccurring time loops involving most of our characters. And in both worlds, Hannah is expecting, though in completely different circumstances.

Keep reading to find out how Hannah’s pregnancies play out in both realities (but be warned, there are major spoilers ahead!).

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