Chris Cuomo Grilling Andrew Cuomo About Presidential Run Is Peak Family Drama

That’s a no, Bro.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday grilled his older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), about rising speculation he might run for president. And the state leader, whose handling of the coronavirus pandemic is winning high marks, again made clear he has no plans to seek the White House ― several times. (Watch the video below.)

The sibling tension made for excellent prime time family drama.

The governor’s profile has risen as he hosts daily briefings during the coronavirus crisis and fights for more resources to battle the outbreak.

President Donald Trump said he “wouldn’t mind running against” Cuomo in this year’s presidential race and opined that the governor would be a more formidable opponent than the Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden. Cuomo, for his part, endorsed Biden last year and has repeatedly denied the increasing speculation he might run. 

“With all of this adulation that you’re getting for doing your job, are you thinking about running for president?” Chris Cuomo asked his brother.

“No, no,” the governor answered.

“No, you won’t answer?” the CNN host said.

“No. I answered,” the governor replied. “The answer is no.”

The sparring continued as the news host pressed further, asking the governor if he’d thought about it or would be open to thinking about it. He got more nos.

“You’re a great interviewer, by the way,” the governor told his brother. To which Chris Cuomo responded: “Appreciate it. Learned from the best.”


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