Celebrities react to U.S. midterm election results

Celebrities have been calling on their fans to vote in the U.S. midterm elections for weeks now.

After the polls closed and the votes were counted, a number of celebrities took to Twitter to discuss the results.

Many celebrities celebrated the fact the Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives from President Donald Trump’s Republican Party in the midterm elections, powered by a suburban revolt that has threatened what’s left of the Trump’s governing agenda.

The new Democratic House majority will end Republican dominance in Washington for the final two years of Trump’s first term with major questions looming about health care, immigration and government spending.

Singer John Legend wrote, “Flipping the house despite all the gerrymandering was no small feat. Despite it being expected by the polls, this is still a BFD. The House has so much power to hold the president accountable. I look forward to some real oversight.”

Billy Eichner wrote, “WE FLIPPED THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Others joined in the conversation.

James Corden celebrated Colorado’s Jared Polis becoming the first openly gay male governor elected in American history.

“This is incredible! Massive. Congratulations Jared Polis. You did it!” Corden tweeted.

Other celebrities also celebrated Polis’ win.

The results of the U.S. Senate race in Texas disappointed some celebrities.

In Texas, Sen Ted Cruz staved off a tough challenge from Democrat Beto O’Rourke, whose record-smashing fundraising and celebrity have set off buzz he could be a credible 2020 White House contender.

Many also spoke out about the results in the race for governor in Florida and Georgia.

Celebrities also took to social media to celebrate 100 women winning House seats.

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