Ant and Dec support four-year-old with leukaemia and urge fans to stay home

Ant and Dec have a message for everyone: stay at home.

The TV presenters have been urging fans and those all of the UK to stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic, after being asked to share the message by a four-year-old girl suffering from leukaemia.

Mila Sneddon appeared on ITV News in a segment that revealed her family are now self-isolating from each other to keep her healthy and safe from the virus.

Her dad and sister have moved out of the family home in Falkirk, while Mila and her mum are staying there and Mila wants everybody to follow suit.

She revealed that Ant and Dec are her television heroes and she asked for their help in telling everybody to stay indoors, so that they can keep her safe, and many children just like her, safe.

Of course, Ant and Dec were more than happy to get involved and filmed a special video, just for Mila, urging us all to stay at home while the UK is under lockdown.

Ant says: ‘Hi everybody, Ant and Dec, here. Not together, because we’re at home, like everybody should be.’

‘Absolutely,’ Dec continued. ‘And as we heard, Mila wants us to tell everybody to stay at home so we can protect her and thousands and thousands of people like her.’

Together they then screamed, “EVERYBODY STAY AT HOME,” so that everybody from Scotland down to Cornwall could hear them.

We think they’ve got their message across.

In a bid to control the spread of Covid-19, the government has closed schools, along with bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and gyms. People are being told to stay home and to only leave the house for essentials, or once a day to exercise.

Coronavirus has caused huge disruptions within the entertainment industry, with new lockdown measures seeing many celebrities now self-isolating at home, while TV shows, movies and music gigs have all been cancelled or postponed.

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