Tori Spelling’s Husband Blames Biz Manager Over Tax Woes — Updates HERE!

Drama, drama, drama!

Surely you’ll recall our report from yesterday about Tori Spelling‘s tax woes, as listed out by the state of California’s Franchise Tax Board, right?! Well, it turns out there are some updates to be had!

For one, Tori responded on Instagram to our initial story and post, asking for “informed comments regarding someone’s situation.”

She then left it somewhat open-ended as to whether or not she denied actually being on the state of California’s list of biggest tax delinquents (which she definitely is, by the way) by responding with this (below):

Hmmm… OK! Controversial news is no fun, we get it.

Things got interesting when Dean McDermott stepped in, though, and blamed an “old business manager” who got the family “in this mess.” Whoa!!!

Dean wrote in response there, still in the IG comments section, with the following insight:

Well that’s something… we think. Wow!!!

Dean also openly lashed back at the idea that Candy Spelling pays for school — or, anything else — with another comment later in the feed (below):

So there you go… Tori and Dean in their own words.


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