‘The 100′ Goes Back In Time For Prequel Backdoor Pilot Airing Tonight!

Fans are getting a first look at the potential prequel series for The 100!

The backdoor pilot episode is airing TONIGHT (July 8) on The CW.

In “Anaconda,” Clarke (Eliza Taylor) confronts a new adversary. A surprising connection takes us back to the past and the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the Earth.

“Callie has just returned from a protest march against some government abuses and they were attacked on some level by the overaggressive police,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg told EW about the episode. “The fact that the show is now unfolding in the wake from everything that’s happening in the world with regard to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, [it’s] just weird coincidences that of course we could not have predicted.”

The prequel series has not been given the go ahead by The CW yet, and hopefully after tonight’s episode, they will have an answer for fans.

In case you missed it, see what showrunner Jason said about the potential new show!

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