Steph McGovern: Former BBC star on ‘incredibly sad’ moment as co-star ‘opens old wounds’

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Former BBC Breakfast star Steph McGovern, 38, spoke candidly with her co-stars Claire and Geoff on her podcast Not Bad For A Monday. The mum-of-one spoke candidly about the “incredibly sad” situation her colleague faced.

The trio discussed their tales from the workplace as talk turned to job application stories.

During the podcast, Steph talked about her favourite north-east phrases, most notably being “Shy bairns get nowt” – which is used to emphasise the fact that children who fail to ask for something may not succeed in obtaining it.

But the Channel 4 presenter became concerned by her co-host and producer Geoff who had gone quiet during the programme.

Steph asked: “Geoff, you’re really quiet. Are you alright?”

Her co-star explained while he agreed with his colleagues it’s important to not be shy when seeking opportunities, it was something he has personally struggled with.

Geoff replied: “Well, appropriately enough. I was just thinking that I agree that you’ve got to stand out. I do like the ‘shy bairns get nowt’ phrase, I think it’s lovely.

“But I also was a ‘Shy bairns’ myself, very shy. So, I think it’s a little bit tragic.”

He added: “It’s a bit like the other phrase, ‘squeaky wheel gets the oil.'”

This is also another popular phrase meaning the person who complains the loudest or more frequently is likely to get attention in reference to the workplace.

Geoff admitted all of this talk was “opening old wounds” for him.

“For all of the shy people that are watching all the squeaky wheels and the non-shy bairns getting everything, you know. This is opening old wounds,” he said.

The Channel 4 presenter chimed in and admitted hearing her co-star speak about his shyness was “sad”.


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“God, that has made me feel incredibly sad,” Steph chimed.

Geoff said: “I know. Shall we leave it there?”

She replied: “Yes, let’s leave it there. I would say though, you can’t be that shy because you’re on a national podcast. I mean, actually an international podcast as we discovered last week.”

Geoff added: “Well I’m not as shy as I was or maybe that’s a cover for it. But so many people are.”

Elsewhere, Steph recently told her 404,000 Twitter followers she made a slight error on her daughter’s swimming trip and forgot the label was still on the little one’s costume.

She penned in a tweet: “Finally back in the pool with my little one today. She loved it! Phew.

“Although cos we haven’t been for four month’s she’s moved up a size in costume…silly mam (me) didn’t notice label was still on until after class.Whoops!”(sic)

Steph welcomed her daughter with her partner back in November.


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