Senator Kamala Harris accepts the nomination for vice president of the United States

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When all is said and done, I do think we’ll have to give props to the DNC team and the Biden campaign for how they put together this year’s virtual convention. I haven’t watched much of it live, but just from the videos I’ve watched the morning after, things seem to be running smoothly, and the videos seem to be well-produced, with an eye on interesting backgrounds and highlighting different parts of America and American life. I say this because my prediction is that next week’s RNC is going to be a trainwreck for a million different reasons, and I doubt the GOP will have this level of detail.

All that being said, I’m second-guessing the choice to have Senator Kamala Harris speak in a mostly empty convention hall. Kamala is a charismatic public speaker, but I think the mostly empty hall threw her off a bit, especially in the first few minutes. But she recovered and she gave a nice speech:

I love the personal narrative – it was a lovely way to introduce Kamala’s background, from her own mouth, and for her to describe her pride and ownership of all sides of her background, the Indian side, the Jamaican side, the American side. Just her existence on the ticket is groundbreaking, but the story of a first-generation Black-Indian American woman with a multicultural family, graduate of an HBCU, with the drive and ambition to succeed and to serve…I love it. I love everything about it. Also: did everyone notice that Kamala said which Oakland hospital she was born in? That one was for all the Nu Birthers. Anyway, what an amazing moment for Indian-American women and Black women.

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