Reese Witherspoon Once Cried ‘Ugly Tears’ for Three Days After Losing Movie Role to Different Actress

Reese Witherspoon has some words you may need to hear today!

The 43-year-old actress posted about rejection on her Instagram page, and told a story about how she cried “ugly tears” for three days after not getting a big movie role.

“When I first started as an actor, I went on an audition for a part that i wanted more than ANYTHING. This was an incredible movie with a huge male movie star as the lead. I had 3 callbacks, then a screen test and one day my agent called and said, ‘You didn’t get the part, the lead actor liked working with the other actress more.’ Oh boy, did I cry. Ugly tears. For 3 whole days. But I recovered. And I got a different job. It wasn’t the same and I never watched that movie (!) but I learned so much from that experience,” Reese wrote to her followers on Instagram.

She continued, “Over the years, I lost as many parts as I got. I was always considered TOO something. Too short. Too feisty. Too energetic. I once got told I seemed too smart to play a young female character. ? I’m not gonna lie, sometimes all the rejection would hurt my feelings, I would take it personally. I definitely cried in the shower a lot in my 20’s.”

Reese then added, “What I didn’t know then was : rejection teaches you perseverance and how to get tough. And you also learn … not every path is right for you. My friend [Kerry Washington] always says ‘Rejection is God’s protection.’ You are on a path that is made for YOU. Sometimes the universe is protecting you from a bad job or a toxic relationship. So remember next time you fail at something or someone leaves you heartbroken…. let yourself be sad, grieve what didn’t happen for a minute but move ON. Better things are waiting for you.”

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