Prince Charles ‘isn’t threatened’ by the renewed interest in Diana from ‘The Crown’

The way the Prince of Wales continues his Streisand-Effect campaign against The Crown, I have to laugh. Prince Charles has spent a good chunk of the past month organizing this bonkers hate campaign against Netflix’s The Crown. He’s gotten a lot of old-guard royal commentators involved, and somehow he roped in the British Culture Minister too. Don’t get me wrong, Charles has every right to be worried: a new generation is being introduced to his terrible treatment of Princess Diana, and for those of us who remember that era, well… we’re sitting back and sipping some tea, gleefully watching the bullsh-t unfold. Well, Charles still has royal commentators like Katie Nicoll and Sally Bedell Smith out here making some really stupid arguments. Behold!

The Prince of Wales is not threatened by renewed interest in Princess Diana but is frustrated that the past keeps being brought up when he is trying to move forward, according to a royal expert.

British author Katie Nicholl told 9Honey: ‘I’m absolutely sure he doesn’t see that sudden revived interest in her as a threat at all. I think more a frustration that the past keeps getting dredged up when he is trying to move forward.’

She added that she mostly felt sorry for the royal’s second wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, 73, after she faced a tirade of online hate after The Crown falsely suggested she had an affair with Charles throughout his marriage to Diana. The royal biographer suggested the series has ‘rekindled some of the ill feeling of the past’.

‘I think it’s not just Charles’s image that’s gone through a sort of 360 [since the 1980s], it’s Camilla’s too. Her reinvention has been a remarkable one and one that’s taken a lot of work on her part, on the part of her courtiers and I actually feel quite sorry for the Duchess of Cornwall.’

Author Sally Bedell Smith, who has written biographies of the Queen, Charles and Diana, said: ‘I am very sad to say that I have heard it over, over and over again that people take The Crown at face value and they believe everything they see in the series, and that includes Charles and Camilla. The notion in the programme that he entered into his marriage cynically with a view to continuing with Camilla and putting his new wife on the side is exceedingly dishonest and damaging. It is just simply not true.’

Meanwhile, Ms Nicholl claimed there is also frustration among royal aides that the new series of The Crown was released as the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Germany on an official visit, which was overshadowed by the drama.

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The sticking point, in Nicholl’s mind and Bedell Smith’s mind, is that The Crown shows Charles and Camilla carrying on their affair throughout his marriage to Diana. Team Charles argues that Charles and Camilla didn’t rekindle their physical affair until 1986, five years into his marriage. As I keep saying though: Charles and Camilla were still carrying on throughout Charles and Diana’s courtship. Even if you believe Charles and think that he and Camilla hit pause on their physical affair for a few years, the truth is that they were still having an emotional affair, they were still wrapped up in each other’s lives, and they still communicated constantly. That’s how Diana knew that her marriage was garbage from the word go. Besides, even in Team Charles’ version of events, he was STILL banging Camilla just five years into his marriage, when he had two young kids and a young wife at home.

Also – Nicholl saying “there is also frustration among royal aides that the new series of The Crown was released as the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Germany,” that’s how you know Katie Nicholl got the Clarence House talking points. Obvious Charles is Obvious. He’s ALWAYS claiming that so-and-so “overshadowed” him. Whenever Meghan and Harry breathed, he would leak something about his sadness that they “overshadowed” him. Now a show on Netflix overshadowed him!! LMAO.

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