President Trump Insists He Didn't Call His Daughter Fat

TiffanyTrump is living her very best life. The law student spends much of her freetime jetting around the globe and sharing pictures from her travels. Happily,in a relationship, the 24-year-old student has mostly sidestepped thespotlight, but her name appeared in the news this week, attached to hurtfulcomments allegedly made by her father about her. What exactly happened, andwhat does the younger Trump’s relationship with her father look like?

Bizarre details of thepresident’s relationship with his children leaked

Madeline Westerhout isout of a job. The former personal assistant to PresidentDonald Trump, sat down to dinner with members of the press last week.During the dinner, she divulged some insider information about the presidentand his relationship with his children. Most importantly, she dropped a coupleof secrets about the relationship between President Trump and his youngestdaughter, Tiffany Trump. 

According to Politico,Westerhout told reporters that the president doesn’t like to take pictures withthe youngest Trump daughter because he believes she is overweight. She alsosuggested that the president would be unable to pick his daughter out of acrowd. She went on to allege that her relationship to the president wasstronger than the relationship he had withhis two daughters. 

Westerhout waspromptly fired from her position and ousted from the White House. While thepresident was seemingly unfazed by her slipup, he did take to Twitter toaddress what was said, and how Westerhout had been dealt with following thebreach. 

President Trumpinsists he didn’t call his daughter fat

The president, for hispart, has been relatively outspoken about what went on at the off-the-recorddinner. He’s seemingly unfazed by it all, and while he denies every suggesting hisdaughter is fat, he went on to praise Westerhout for the job she did whileworking under him. 

Westerhout became akey gatekeeper for the president following his election. In fact, she becamethe face of the president-elect’s team whilehe remained in New York, often being photographed moving guests from thelobby up to the president’s office. 

He was careful not torepeat anything that was published in previous reports and instead insistedthat his daughter is doing well and that he loves her. The president allegedlyhad plans to touch base with her over the weekend, but the younger Trump seemeda bit tied up if Instagram is to be believed. 

Does Tiffany Trumphave a strained relationship with her father?

Regardless of thedrama currently swirling around her, TiffanyTrump seems to be doing just fine. Recently, she took to Instagram to wishher boyfriend, Michael Boulos, a happy birthday. One of the snapshots includedthe younger Trump’s mother, MarlaMaples, as well as Boulos’ mom. There was one person decidedly absent fromthe photo; President Donald Trump.

The most recent snafuisn’t the first time President Trump’s relationship with his youngest daughterhas been called into question. In April 2018, an insider spoke with People andalleged that the younger Trump often goes months without speaking to her fatherand that they see each other even more infrequently.

Those who arepolitically inclined noticed that Tiffany Trump was far less visible during thepresident’s campaign than her older half-siblings.She didn’t hit the trail nearly as often, and it seems as though her bond tothe president was never all that strong. The younger Trump even admitted thatshe spent the majority of her time growing up around her mother in California.She noted that she only flew out to hang out with the rest of the Trump familyduring Spring Break and a couple of holidays during the year.

While she’s muchcloser geographically these days, the proximity seemingly has done very littleto bolster the father-daughter bond between the pair. The younger Trump iscurrently enrolled in law school at Georgetown.Georgetown University Law Center is in Washington, D.C.

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