Pilar Jhena, 7 Mos., Helps Mom Porsha Williams Open Lavish Chanel Gift In Sweet Video

Porsha Williams is teaching her daughter, Pilar Jhena that expensive gifts are ‘wonderful,’ but they’re not everything! The ‘RHOA’ star shared a new video of her unwrapping a stunning Chanel bag from fiance, Dennis McKinley, with PJ by her side and it’s too cute!

Porsha Williams just got a brand new bag! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star showed off her new Chanel tote in a series of videos on her Instagram on November 18, but it was her 7-month-old daughter, Pilar Jhena that stole the spotlight. Baby PJ helped her mom unwrap a delicately decorated Chanel box with a white ribbon in the videos, yet she seemed more entertained by the tissue paper inside.

The lavish gift was a present from Porsha’s fiance, Dennis McKinley, who she rekindled her romance with after he admitted to cheating on her during a recent episode of RHOA. “Look what daddy got mommy!”, Porsha said to her daughter in the clip. “Thank you, daddy, I love it! Thank you, babe!”, she continued.

“My baby said what’s yours is mine MOMMY!”, Porsha captioned her post, which was followed with a sweet message directed at her daughter. “LOL Gifts are wonderful… but I also pray she sees the love between mommy and daddy forever,” she wrote, explaining, “Love is patient, love is kind and holds no record. One day she will know real love and recognize it from experience (when she is 50-years-old of course lol). Porsha concluded, “Update: Pj is already getting her bottles and toys etc. ready for our bag!”

(Video Credit: Instagram/Porsha Williams) 

In the November 10 episode of RHOA, Dennis admitted to having an affair while Porsha was pregnant during a therapy session. “After I heard what I needed to hear, I got up and stormed out,” Porsha, who broke down in tears, recalled. “At that point, I didn’t want to hear anymore. Because for me, I had just heard my fiancé say that he actually had sex with someone while I was carrying our child.” 

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