Olivia Holt Draws Backlash for Black Lives Matter Post

Olivia Holt is getting some negative backlash for her post about the Black Lives Matter movement amid the protests across the nation, sparked by George Floyd‘s murder.

The 22-year-old Kickin’ It actress posted a message on her Twitter account on Sunday (May 31).

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“i walked into my kitchen this morning and looked at my fridge. a few months after i moved into my home i found this sticker in a bag. and instead of throwing this sticker away i threw it up on my fridge bc this, this is not just a sticker. this is important and this is real,” she captioned the post of a Black Lives Matter sticker on her fridge, which garnered hundreds of replies.

“can we talk about how she considered throwing it away and thought it was courageous to keep it? girl,” one person replied.

“girl this is why cloak and dagger got cancelled,” said another.

“and i’m 100% positive there is also money in YOUR bag. open it up and donate,” another wrote.

“I’m sorry, but…. did you thoroughly think this tweet through? Why were you considering throwing …the sticker away?” added another.

“we dont give af about the sticker…did you donate?” said another person.

Later on, Olivia posted different links to resources and donations to support the movement.

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