Offset won’t take the corona-vaccine because he doesn’t trust the government

I have no desire to gaslight the Black community about Western medical practices. There are many Black folks skeptical about medical procedures and vaccines because of the very real history of white doctors experimenting on (and medically torturing) Black people. There is absolutely going to be a larger campaign here in America to ensure that Black people take the vaccine, especially given that the virus has devastated the Black community in huge numbers. For now, celebrities like Offset are NOT helping matters.

Offset says he is not planning to get vaccinated for coronavirus — and his reasoning all boils down to trust and fairness. We spoke to the Migos rapper Saturday in Bev Hills, and straight up asked if he’d take the COVID vaccine … which is on the verge of being distributed to the first group in the coming days. He’s blunt and to the point — he’s planning on passing.

Offset mentions a viral photo that’s been making the rounds … showing a few people with their faces frozen in a distorted position, with their mouths slightly open. The photos were supposedly taken of a few volunteers who were inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine. The online chatter — these were some of the side effects. The word from Scientists — the side effects are generally mild, flu-like symptoms.

The FDA DID acknowledge 4 Pfizer volunteers were struck with a bout of Bell’s Palsy — but the government agency notes there was no way to conclusively link the vaccine to the development of their temporary facial paralysis. Still, people got freaked out.

Same goes for Offset — who tells us that he simply doesn’t trust the government (for the most part) and that even Barack Obama being willing to get vaccinated on video isn’t enough to sway him. Offset then pivoted to a different train of thought… he starts talking about how celebs and politicians get special treatment when it comes COVID therapeutics and medical treatment — and he wouldn’t feel right getting vaccinated ASAP knowing there are others just as deserving who get lesser treatment.

He also talks about the fact that the government at large hasn’t done enough for the Black community to convince him they have his and his people’s best interest at heart. What he touches on here is a huge problem too, BTW — only 40% or so of the African-American community say they’ll take the vaccine, and even less (14%) say they trust it.

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Again, I feel like Black people have every right to be cautious and concerned. That caution and concern is rooted in a very real history of American medicine. But… there’s a reason why Dr. Anthony Fauci is making specialized pleas to the Black community, and it’s because he understands their qualms and he wants everyone, of every race, to know that the vaccines are okay. It’s because the virus has already done so much damage to the Black community. Fauci has also been stressing the fact that the Moderna vaccine was partially developed by an African-American woman scientist, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, who is one of the leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health. Also, the first person to get the Pfizer vaccine in New York was a Black health care worker:

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