Niall Horan Dishes On His Craziest Fan Encounter

Niall Horan is opening up about getting recognized in public.

The 26-year-old musician shared with Apple Music about a crazy encounter he had at a sports game.

“I was at a football game in Spain a few years ago, and it was Chelsea versus Atletico Madrid, and I was standing in the Chelsea crowd waiting to go in the turnstiles,” Niall said. “And then some fans had realized that I was at the game and went looking for me and found me.”

“They start screaming my name. ‘Niall, Niall!’ In the middle of about 10 thousand Chelsea fans and I was just like, ‘Really?’” he continued. “I kept my head down. I was trying my best to keep my head down, anyway and I had nowhere to go. And then the football fans turn into football fans, “Ooh, One Direction.” I was just like, ‘Oh, god.’ I nearly cried. I was on crutches, at the time, as well. So I couldn’t go [anywhere].”

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