Nadia Sawalha and husband Mark speak out on marriage counselling: ‘We aren’t ashamed’

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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha, 55, has been married to her second husband Mark Adderley since 2002. The couple have now got candid as they addressed the impact of lockdown on their relationship, in an exclusive interview with and they also dished on their new book Honey, I Home-Schooled the Kids.

Nadia and Mark often share insights into their family life through their YouTube channel and podcasts.

The ITV star’s husband admitted the pair shared their fair share of “challenges” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nadia also reflected on their 18-year marriage, in which she detailed how the couple have sought the help of counselling.

She explained: “The key has been listening to each other – taking time to listen – and hearing what each other is saying rather than projecting what we think each other is saying.

“We both try to be kind rather than right and we aren’t ashamed to say that couples counselling really helped us to reset.”

Nadia added: “In our opinion, couples counselling would benefit almost all couples at some point in the relationship.”

Speaking about their marriage during lockdown, Mark explained: “As with everyone there have been challenging times but we are lucky in that we can discuss most things with each other.

“We can respect each other’s need for solitude within the house and we are both very sympathetic if the other one is having a down day or struggling with the enormity of the crisis that was unfolding around us.”

He added: “We find that either one of us is usually strong enough to help hold the other one up when they’re having a down day.”

The couple, who host their own podcast How to Stay Married [So Far], have opened up about their new book on homeschooling.

Nadia and Mark removed their two children Maddie, 17, and Kiki-Bee, 12, from mainstream school five years ago.

The pair have now provided an honest and practical guide to help parents educate their children at home.


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Honey, I Home-Schooled the Kids will share obstacles, insights and resources that all parents can learn from, whether they’re looking for help in supporting their child at school or if they have decided that they would benefit more from being home-schooled.

Speaking about their decision to publish their book, Nadia explained: “We’ve been home-schooling our kids for five years now and when we first started there weren’t really any books around.

“Then suddenly the whole world was home-schooled and people were reeling. But now this is really relevant.”

Mark said: “What lockdown has proved is that you can have the entire nation homeschooling in some capacity.”

The pair admitted that it is a “very personal” topic to them.

Nadia and Mark added: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Coronet to publish our first book together.

“We hope that by sharing our personal experiences – the highs and lows – we can help other parents through the difficulties that they may be facing.

“Now more than ever we feel a ‘real’ guide to educating children at home is so important and we hope that our honest and witty tone can help families with their journey nationwide.”

Honey, I Homeschooled the Kids by Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley is out now.

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