Melania Trump ‘got tested’ at the same time as her husband, and she’s ‘fine’

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Melania Trump has not been seen in public since March 10th. That was the date of her last public event, an appearance at a White House for a Medal of Freedom ceremony, plus she spoke at the National Parent Teacher Association conference in Alexandria, Virginia the same day (wearing the same suit). So… she’s been MIA for two weeks. Was she, perhaps, self-isolating from her husband? Was she in some kind of special Bigly Quarantine? I have no idea. But I do know that I never believe Donald and Melania Trump about medical issues. Donald Trump swore up and down that he had been tested for the coronavirus. Now he’s saying Melania was tested too.

First Lady Melania Trump has tested negative for the novel coronavirus that has spread around the world in recent months, President Donald Trump said. He told reporters on Monday at a coronavirus briefing that his wife, 49, was “great” and “fine” and had been tested for the virus, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19.

“Mrs. Trump got tested the same night as the President was tested, out of an abundance of caution,” a White House spokeswoman told CNN. “The test was negative.”

President Trump, 73, was tested on March 13, he has said, describing the procedure as unpleasant. (Testing requires a Q-tip-style swab be inserted deeply into someone’s nose for several seconds.) The president, Vice President Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump, a senior White House aide, have all been tested as well and were negative, the White House has said. Each of them was in contact with someone who later tested positive for the virus.

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So… Melania was tested and she’s fine, and don’t ask any questions about whether she’s self-isolating out of an abundance of caution or whether she’s just being the same old lazy a–hole she’s always been. But clearly, Melania’s team heard the criticism about “where’s Melania” and “is she working on her precious tennis pavilion,” because Melania has been tweeting out information on Covid-19. By that I mean, Melania’s office is tweeting stuff out.

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