Marnie Simpson opens up on ‘horrific’ birth of baby son Rox and reveals she struggled to bond with him

Marnie Simpson has revealed she struggled to bond with her baby son Rox after a “horrific” birth which saw her lose two pints of blood.

The former Geordie Shore star, who welcomed baby Rox into the world last year with boyfriend Casey Johnson, said she’s yet to return to good health four months after giving birth.

Marnie, 28, also revealed that she contracted a rare bacterial infection while giving birth which “could have killed her”.

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Marnie explained: "I picked it up in hospital while I was giving birth.

"It could have been through the catheter or through the hands of hospital workers.

"I was getting treated with the wrong antibiotics for such a long time nothing got better.

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"Not only was I really ill but I had just had a bad so my emotions and hormones were all over the place as well. It was horrible."

The mother-of-one continued by revealing that she couldn’t feed or change Rox’s nappy because she was so ill in the aftermath of giving birth.

"I was in so much pain I was basically bed-bound for weeks on end,” she told The Sun.

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"I couldn’t even change his nappy because I couldn't stand. It was a struggled to feed him. It was so hard because I couldn’t do all the normal things a mum does for their baby.

"The doctor told me I had lost so much blood and my immune system was so low I could have died.

"I was told I had to rest at all times and no nothing to help so I could rebuild my whole immune system.

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"I thought how can I rest when I’ve just had a baby?I couldn’t get out of bed I was in so much pain.

"I was so depressed. No one could fix it or make me better. I was stuck in bed in so much pain and it just wasn’t getting any better."

Marnie’s other-half Casey added that he found it tough too, but supported her throughout.

"It was really hard for me too and was obviously frustrating and annoying but even at the hardest times I knew it wasn’t Marnie’s fault,” he explained.

"I was trying to cope with Rox and look after Marnie. So it was pretty tough. Especially throughout all the sleepless nights."

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