Madelaine Petsch Chats Possibility of Jason Blossom Being Alive on ‘Riverdale’

Madelaine Petsch is opening up about the upcoming season finale of Riverdale tonight and we all need to be prepared for another Blossom bombshell.

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, the 24-year-old actress dished about what viewers will learn while watching the season ender.

“You will get resolution about whether or not Jason is alive in the finale,” she says and Cheryl is going to have conflicting feelings about it all.

“I think her feelings will be hurt because, if he is back, that means he was never dead,” Madelaine reasons. “That means that he’s been gone for two years, and hasn’t given her the time of day. I think it would break her heart.”

Madelaine also teased that Cheryl herself might be in dire danger too.

“It [Cheryl’s death] could potentially be [on the table], but people always come back to life in Riverdale, as we know,” she says. “Jason, Cheryl, the Blossoms are on the line in more ways than one. I just winked at you for the record. [Laughs]”

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the season finale soon!

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