Lee Pace Gets Schooled By ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Fanatic Stephen Colbert on ‘Late Show’ – Watch Here!

Lee Pace hit Stephen Colbert‘s couch on The Late Show last night (August 16), and screwed up the simplest elven greeting from Lord Of The Rings!

The 40-year-old actor played elf king Thranduil in The Hobbit movies and tried his best to impress Stephen – who is one of the most vocal celebrity Lord of the Rings die-hard fans – with a proper greeting from when Frodo greeted Gildor Inglorien on his way out of the Shire in The Fellowship Of The Ring.

“It’s not surprising that you might have trouble saying that,” Stephen quipped after his attempt, “because your character Thranduil is Sindar, and that sentence is actually Quenya which is the Noldorian elves language, not the Sindar elves language. You speak Sindaran, not Quenya, so it’s totally understandable.”

Lee Pace later dished about his lead role in the John DeLorean biopic, Driven.

Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert geeked out to Cate Blanchett over her role in The Lord of the Rings.

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