‘Kissing Booth 2′ Director Explains Why Extras Were Booing on Set

The director of The Kissing Booth 2 is opening up about how they filmed that big dance competition scene at the end and what happened with the extras on set.

In the smash hit Netflix movie, Joey King‘s character Elle enters a dance competition in hopes of winning tuition money for college and she partners up with Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez), a new kid at school who is also an incredible dancer.

Marco also becomes a threat to Elle’s relationship with Noah (Jacob Elordi), who is off at school at Harvard the entire time.

Writer and director Vince Marcello told Variety, “The concept of the competition being something that would feed her ability to go to Harvard or a higher tuition school became a conflict of that. The guy that is helping her make the money is also the guy threatening her relationship.”

Vince says that Joey and Taylor rehearsed their dance routine in Los Angeles before they filmed it in front of a live audience on set.

“When Marco and Elle came out to shoot that, we had 2500 extras for that shooting day. The second they walked in, that crowd became a full-on audience. They were watching this dance happen with no idea what’s happening in the movie. When Marco and Elle were rehearsing it, the audience was booing because they didn’t want her kissing this other guy. We were backstage and shocked,” Vince revealed. “But after a couple of takes, Jacob arrived, and as soon as he arrived, it was the strangest thing, because it felt like we were watching this moment as he realizes something is going on between them.”

Taylor recently addressed the rumors that he and Joey are now dating in real life.

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