Kim Kardashian Screams In Horror While Playing Creepy Touching Game With Jimmy Fallon — Watch

Kim Kardashian finally hit up ‘The Tonight Show’ after five long years away. She played a game with Jimmy Fallon and had a total screaming freak out when she had to touch creepy items she couldn’t see.

Kim Kardashian is in NYC  for Fashion Week and finally returned to the The Tonight Show after a long five-year year absence. She pulled out all the glam stops for host Jimmy Fallon in her Feb. 7 appearance, as she wore a floor length skin-tight rose sequin gown over a snakeskin print. While she talked about her efforts on prison reform, shot down rumors that sister Kylie Jenner is engaged and shared how excited she is to welcome baby number four via surrogate, it was her hilarious game of “Can You Feel It” that had her in full freak out mode. Jimmy made Jennifer Lopez go through with the scary blind touching skit in Dec. of 2018 so at least Kim’s in good company.

The premise of the game is both she and Jimmy had to put their hands into a box and guess what the mystery object was inside purely by touch alone. Kim told him she had one condition, “No spiders. Or I will literally die.” Kim rolled up the sleeves of her gown and inside her box was a fake squirrel, which made the audience gasp in horror at how real it looked. That caused Kim to melt down even more before reaching her hands inside the box.

She eventually went all in with touching it and guessed that it was a stuffed animal. Close enough! Once she turned around and looked at it after her correct guess Kim loudly screamed, telling Jimmy it looked like an actual stuffed squirrel. Next up Kim got king crab legs on ice, which is harmless enough but the touch made her scream several times before Jimmy pulled one out and shoved it towards her. That caused Kim recoil in horror, poor thing!

Finally the last item was one that both Jimmy and Kim had to each feel and it turned out to be Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins‘ head, as he couched in the box underneath. This got a little too real for both of them (Jimmy’s last item was a live lizard after all). While Kim felt his hair with her perfectly manicured tips, Steve reached up his hand and grabbed Jimmy’s which made him completely lose it altogether. We can’t remember the last time we saw Kim so freaked out, but at least she was game to play Jimmy’s scary challenge. However, with the amount of fear she had to go through with the creepy game, it might be another five years before Kim’s willing to hit up The Tonight Show again.

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