Kelly Clarkson Just Got Real About Why She Won't Publicly Talk About Her Brandon Blackstock Divorce

Kelly Clarkson is pretty much known for being honest and truthful with her fans. Surely you recall her being very candid about depression and her *ahem* abundant sex life, right? But there’s one topic that Kelly’s making a point to not talk about—her divorce from her estranged husband, Brandon Blackstock.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kelly explained that she won’t be planning to talk about her divorce any time soon because there’s more than one party involved.

“I am a very open person, but I’m not going to be able to be truly open about this in certain aspects because there’s kids involved,” Kelly explained. “I think that I will navigate a way in which to be open and honest about it eventually, probably via the show, and it’ll probably, I’m assuming, happen organically when someone says something in conversation or something. It definitely wouldn’t be planned.”

“But my children and his older children—there are a lot of little hearts involved in this and while people feel, ‘Oh my gosh, what a loss…’ imagine how it is in the epicenter of the storm,” she continued. “It’s a lot to process and deal with, just as a family. So because it’s not just me, I probably won’t go too deep with it.”

Kelly and Brandon have two children from their marriage, 6-year-old River Rose and 4-year-old Remington Alexander. Kelly was also a step mother to Brandon’s two kids from his previous marriage—Savannah and Seth Blackstock.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait for Kelly’s next album before we get any of the juicier details of their split.

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