Kane Brown Makes Promise To Daughter In Clip Of ‘Grew Up Without A Dad’

Country music star Kane Brown has made a promise to his daughter in a new video clip of his song “Grew Up Without a Dad.”

Brown, who grew up without his father in his life, has promised his baby daughter, Kingsley, that she won’t have to worry about that.

“They say dads are suppose to shape you / In a way I guess mine did / I knew what I wouldn’t do if I ever had a kid / They say history repeats itself, but I guess that’s up to me / I grew up without a dad so I’m gonna be the best one I can be / Yeah I’m gonna be a dad and I’m gonna be the best one I can be,” he sings.

Brown and his wife Katelyn Jae are expecting their daughter, Kingsley, as soon as this month.

According to Taste of Country, Brown shared that his father was in prison and that he barely knows him.

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