Kailyn Lowry: I Don’t Really Care That Leah Messer’s in a Cult! Love U Girl

Back in in October of 2019, Leah Messer joined a cult.

We’re not saying she got really into CrossFit or extreme couponing – we mean Leah literally joined a cult.

Late last year, Messer first became involved with the Mastery in Transformational Training, otherwise known as the MITT.

This is an organization that, like so many other cults, promises its followers health, wealth, and happiness beyond their wildest dreams.

For a sizable fee, of course.

Leah’s best friend forever, co-star Kailyn Lowry, was probably concerned about her involvement in the MITT from the start.

But it was only when Leah started recruiting young moms via Instagram, that Kail felt the need to get involved.

That’s when she made her displeasure known.

Kailyn messaged a young woman named Rachel, who says she was almost conned into cutting Leah a check:

“The cult thrives on belittling people and making them feel less than if they don’t do those classes.”

“I don’t want to see young moms do it and spend their savings on this. It’s not cheap.”

“Should I get the word out?” Rachel, asked.

“I know you probably can’t because of your brand (at least that’s what Leah said) but i can. I’m a nobody.”

“She literally mocked me when I said it and told me that if people are weak and can’t handle being called out then it’s not good for them,” Kail responded. 

“I’m going to the media regarding her. I’m scared,” she said.

“This isn’t okay. So many of us [are] falling victim and i know you can’t speak on it but i will this is UNCALLED for.”

“I literally don’t know what to do,” Lowry replied. “I don’t want to lose [Leah] as a friend but I also don’t think any of this is ok.”

Yes, the situation became so dire that Kail began spilling her guts to some online stranger she had known for all of about five minutes.

What to do when a close friend of yours is not only involved in a cult, but is actively encouraging vulnerable single moms to follow her down that dark path?

Well, apparently you mostly just ignore it.

Don’t get us wrong, Kail deserves credit for trying to stop Leah from swindling fans out of their hard-earned cash.

But it seems her attempts at intervention were short-lived, and she’s since decided to simply turn a blind eye to it.

Here’s her latest take on Leah’s shady tendencies:

“Just wanted to tweet that even though there’s some stuff going around about Leah & myself, I truly came from a good place & expressed my concerns to HER,” she tweeted after the dust had settled.

“We worked it out & this will not affect our friendship.” 

Messer seems aligned with that assessment, too.

“And I’m glad you directly came to me,” Leah replied.

“I love you bb! It definitely is NOT going to affect our friendship.”

“We actually get to be even closer after our first disagreement.”

We guess by “came directly to me,” Leah is referring to the situation in which Kail surreptitiously contacted one of her potential victims and encouraged her not to get swindled, but same difference.

Obviously, friendships come to an end over less serious offenses, but seems that with Kail and Leah, it’s water under the bridge. 

This, despite the fact that Leah is still actively involved in the MITT.

She seems to have held off on her recruiting for the time being, but insiders say Leah is still forking her MTV pay over to a bunch of swindlers.

We guess it’s a good thing that the current season of Teen Mom 2 was just extended to include more episodes.

It won’t be easy for Leah to afford both her cult and her swanky island vacations with Kail.

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