Jon Bon Jovi Walks The Streets Of NYC In New ‘Do What You Can’ Video

Bon Jovi have released a video for “Do What You Can” paying tribute to New Yorkers’ resiliency during the pandemic-enforced lockdown. The video shows Jon Bon Jovi walking though the near empty streets of New York.

“Do What You Can” was released last month as a result of collaboration between the singer-guitarist and his fans. Bon Jovi incorporated their lockdown stories into the song.

“Shooting a video on nearly empty streets of Manhattan amid a global crisis really told the story of Do What You Can from the place where I lived it. And I know those empty streets look similar to so many parts of America battling this pandemic,” Bon Jovi said about the video.

He added, “But the story of everyday heroes showing amazing courage was inspiring to see and the video, much like the song, has a great deal of hope in it too.”

“Do What You Can” will be one of the songs on the album Bon Jovi 2020, which is due to come out on October 2.

(Photo: Norman Jean Roy)

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