Johnny Depp: All hell would break loose if I broke Amber’s ‘rules’

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The Hollywood superstar told how the actress drank two or three bottles of wine a night, arranged drugs for their wedding and secretly filmed him. He claimed all hell would break loose if he failed to follow Miss Heard’s rules and she would fly off the handle if he did not feed her need for attention. Depp, 57, accused Miss Heard of undermining his effort to get sober by keeping a bottle of Bulleit bourbon in the freezer and chopping up lines of cocaine – all for his use.

Miss Heard, 34, would also take the drug by putting her finger in it and rubbing the drug on her gums.

Questioned by his barrister David Sherborne on the third day of the libel case, Depp told how small issues would quickly escalate.

Mr Sherborne asked what would happen if Mr Depp broke his ex-wife’s “rules”. Depp replied: “An argument would ensue and all hell would break loose.”

The court heard how Depp’s behaviour turned from being “a Southern gentleman” to what Miss Heard dubbed “the monster” when he binged on drink and drugs.

Depp said: “Any time I didn’t comply or agree with her position, then she would call it the monster.

“The monster grew from there into this whole whatever she wanted it to be, and she used it quite a lot.” Mr Sherborne read medical notes relating to Miss Heard which referred to her “history of substance abuse, including addiction to cocaine and liquor”.

It said she had a history of “anxiety, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, insomnia” as well as the actress having had “severe outbursts of anger and rage”. It noted “insecurity and jealousy when not in the presence of her husband”. Asked by Mr Sherborne: “Does this accord with how you experienced Ms Heard or not?” Mr Depp replied: “Yes.” Depp was asked if he had ever hit a woman. Depp replied: “No sir. Never.”

Mr Sherborne said: “Other than Miss Heard’s allegations has any woman ever accused you of hitting them?” Mr Depp replied: “No, sir.”

Earlier the court heard how Depp branded Miss Heard a “50 cent stripper” and pledged to subject her to “global humiliation” as the two-year marriage fell apart.

He launched into an extraordinary hate-filled rant in a text to his agent in which he accused the actress of having an affair with SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk, 49. Furious Depp spoke of his hopes that “karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath” from the actress after the bitter break up.

The shocking message – which was sent on the date of the couple’s divorce settlement in August 2016 – was read out in court as Depp gave evidence for a fourth day. He is battling for his career and reputation after Miss Heard accused him of attacking her in drugs and alcohol-fuelled rages.

Pictures were shown in court of Miss Heard’s bruised face after Depp allegedly hurled a mobile phone. The court heard messages written between Depp and Christian Carino, a Hollywood talent agent, who worked for Miss Heard and later Depp.

The star told how he wanted Miss Heard to be replaced in a sequel to the movie Aquaman.

In court Depp denied orchestrating a global petition which attracted 400,000 signatures calling for Miss Heard to be removed from the film. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star spoke of his emo-tions at the time after the marriage had ended with Miss Heard obtaining a domestic violence restraining order.

He said: “I had been characterised globally, as some put it, as a wife beater and I went from Cinderella to Quasimodo in 0.6 seconds and I was without a voice.”

A message to Mr Carino on August 15, 2016 read: “She’s begging for global humiliation. “She’s gonna get it. I can only hope that karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her.”

Miss Heard alleges at least 14 incidents of violence by Depp towards her.

He is suing The Sun for libel over a 2018 article which dubbed him a “wife-beater”. The case continues.

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