Joe Biden & Donald Trump’s Next Debate Will Feature Muted Mircophones, According to New Commission Rules

The next Presidential Debate will have brand new rules attached to it, including one which will have muted microphones.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Commission on Presidential Debates revealed the new rules today, ahead of the debate expected to happen on October 22.

The debate, scheduled to go for 90 minutes between the two Presidential nominees, will be divided into six 15-minute segments and both Joe Biden and Donald Trump will have two minutes to deliver uninterrupted remarks before proceeding to an open debate.

This means that their microphones will be cut off while their rival delivers their opening two-minute answer to each of the debate topics.

After that, the open discussion portion of the debate will not feature a mute button, but interruptions by either candidate will count toward their time in the second and final debate Thursday.

The rule changes follow the previously cancelled debate between the two, and their respective town halls.

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