Jennifer Lopez & Kendall Jenner Wear the Jungle Dress Print in New Versace Campaign

Jennifer Lopez is back in Versace‘s green jungle print for the brand’s Spring-Summer 2020 campaign!

The 50-year-old entertainer is starring in the campaign with Kendall Jenner, who also gets to wear the famous print.

Jennifer wore Versace‘s Jungle dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards and so many people talked about the dress that Google Images was created in response.

“I am so proud Google Images was invented after Jennifer wore that dress. Today, we celebrate that moment that was possible thanks to this incredible woman!” designer Donatella Versace said in a statement.

Here is how the brand describes the new campaign: “Set in a contemporary, tech-driven landscape, looks from the collection are surrounded by the results of a futuristic holographic search webpage. Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner type their own names into the search bar as emblems of an age in which we define our self-image by what we choose to portray online – in effect making the screen the real mirror of our time. Masters of their own sensuality, the two showcase their most brave and liberated selves, blurring the line between the private and public sphere.”

“In terms of my career, the Jungle dress really marked a moment in time. To me, Versace represents empowerment and putting something beautiful out into the world. It’s a dream to collaborate with my friend Donatella again on this gorgeous campaign and to create something new and fresh out of a piece of iconic fashion history,” Jennifer said in a statement.

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