Jen Harley Calls Out Ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro For 'Moving Away From His Daughter'

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro‘s ex-GF Jen Harley is getting real about some of the struggles of coparenting 2-year-old daughter Ariana Sky.

The 32-year-old real estate agent has once again popped up in the news after taking to her Instagram account over the weekend and answering a series of fan questions. Not surprisingly, quite a few of the queries were about the Jersey Shore alum — and it seemed as though his vocal ex had a LOT to say about Ronnie’s life choices and decisions…

Most notably, in a since-deleted post from her Instagram Stories, Jen got really real about whether she’d ever get back with her famous ex, telling a fan:

“We tried too . Too many wh**es involved. I want a family man, not a 35-year-old going on 25.”


It’s understandable that she appears to have deleted that post, though, as aside from the call-out here she was remarkably deferential — and even caring towards her ex-BF. Imagine that! After all, knowing the former couple’s incredibly volatile history, this might seem like — dare we say — maturity and progress?! Just saying!!!

Case in point: when another fan asked how the ex-couple was doing as co-parents, Jen had nothing but “great” things to say about the reality TV alum:

In a second post, however, the real estate agent and Las Vegas resident did admit to some bitterness over Ronnie having moved away from Sin City.

When a fan asked about whether she missed being with Ron-Ron, the young mom responded surprisingly:

“I did I don’t. Just honestly bitter about him moving to a diff state away from his daughter.”


And as if to perfectly sum things up, Jen further addressed whether she’d ever have more kids! The answer? Surprisingly, it was YES, even though she acknowledges her “traumatizing” experience raising Ariana Sky with the unpredictable and hot-headed reality TV star:

“I do actually. But traumatized from my last experience, never expected to have a baby by myself at this age, but life happens, Ariana Mason and I will  have an amazing family one day.”

Wow! That’s very candid, to say the least…

What do U make of Jen’s honest, forthright comments here, Perezcious readers? Like we’ve been saying, there’s no shortage of volatility in this former couple’s recent history, but perhaps they are each gaining some important perspective on coparenting now that they are apart? Or are we expecting too much of these two by thinking like that??

You tell us! Sound OFF with your opinions down in the comments (below)…

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