Janet McTeer husband: Who is Ozark star married to?

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Ozark season three saw Helen Pierce (played by Janet McTeer) have a much bigger role to play. The cartel attorney became more prominent as viewers got more of her backstory after she was first introduced in season two of the Netflix series. But what’s known of British actress McTeer’s life away from the cameras?

Who is Ozark star Janet McTeer married to?

McTeer is married to Joseph Coleman, an American poet and fashion consultant.

The couple live in Harpswell, Maine on a 10-acre property in a forest.

Coleman and McTeer met after he saw her in a Broadway play she was starring in back in 2009.

The poet was neighbours with McTeer’s American agent Paul Martino but knew nothing of the actress.

However, Coleman is said to have been spellbound by McTeer from the off.

Thanks to an error, Coleman – who had been invited backstage – ended up in the green room where he first met McTeer.

On their first encounter, Coleman said he had been waiting for “quite a long time” with many actors passing through when McTeer turned up.

He said: “The door opened, and in came Janet. She made this long arc around the room—and then, all of a sudden, she sat on a coffee table right in front of me and crossed her legs. She was wearing these long leather boots.”

He said he wrote in his journal the same night: “She slips through air like a harbor [sic] seal in an icy green sea.”

Prior to meeting Coleman, McTeer had believed her one true love would be her career including her parents.

McTeer told The New Yorker in 2016: “I don’t think I believed that you could meet somebody who was your soul mate that you’d want to marry for the rest of your life.

“Why couldn’t you just be with someone for the time you were allotted, the time that was fun, the time that was interesting?”

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But McTeer was smitten with Coleman after four dates, despite the fact the pair were always in the company of others during these meetings.

The star told the publication how at the time, she remembered thinking: “Wow, this is what they mean when they call it ‘falling in love.’”

She added: “The only power I have is to put my hands out and stop it, but the damage is already done.

“I just knew he was the love of my life. And he is.”

Reflecting on her marriage, she said there was no competition or “compromise” between them.

She revealed how she once invited Coleman to her dressing room to see her transform for one of her stage performances.

McTeer told The New York Times earlier this year: “He sees things in a different way than I do, and he writes poems describing things that I would never know or am not party to.

“It makes me feel like I know him better. And it’s always that wonderful thing when your partner does something that you couldn’t do.

“There’s always a little bit of distance between you that’s just so kind of thrilling.”

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