I Need Your Help!!! Sincerely! | Perez Hilton

In the first person. Because this feels like it should be. From the bottom of my heart – a big ask! A huge favor! I know you will love it, though!! This is a very important week for my new autobiography, my publisher tells me. Specifically, they say I need to drive traffic to Amazon to order copies there. I am so proud of this book, my first ever memoir. I worked soooo hard on it! It doesn’t just tell my story but also that of my parents – as well as tales and anecdotes about my past dealings and relationships with THE BIGGEST celebrities in showbiz! I was the original influencer! And I’ve got a lot to say! I guarantee I will autograph everyone’s book, even if there are no in-person signings. So, please, go! CLICK HERE to go to Amazon! Get your order in now! They make great gifts! For mom, your aunt, your girlfriend, yourself! AND I’m doing the narration for the audio version!! I can’t wait! Thank you all for your support – now and over the last 16 years! You are fram to me! Forever! xoxo PerezHiltonBook.com

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