Hillary Clinton: ‘Look, this can’t be another coulda woulda shoulda election’

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If I was producing the virtual DNC, I wouldn’t have done anything differently… except maybe give Hillary Clinton a glass of wine to go with her speech. How awesome would that have been, to have Drunk Hillary give an off-the-cuff speech to camera about “motherf–kers, VOTE.” I also think the Democrats, on the whole, believe that they can make the case against Trump in simple-yet-broad terms. The Biden camp must have dictated that to the speakers: the case against Trump is that he’s incapable, end of. Which is true, but there was an opportunity for speakers like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren to make a more specific case about any and all of the sh-t Trump has actually done, like tear gas kids and clergy in front of a church, or put children in cages, or side with white supremacists constantly, or literally commit treason constantly. To be fair, Hillary came the closest to making specific cases against Trump. Here’s Hillary’s DNC speech:

“Look, this can’t be another ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ election.” That was the moment Drunk Hillary could have cursed out everybody, thrown her wine glass and screamed “I TOLD YOU THAT IN 2016.” Yeah, I’m still f–king mad. And it’s okay to still be mad about it. Let that anger drive you to work to get Biden-Harris elected.

Elizabeth Warren also spoke at an Early Childhood center in Massachusetts with “BLM” letters in the background. Very cute. Warren is, to me, like Barack Obama. Wonky, professorial, fundamentally calm and competent. I love her and I’m proud to have voted for her in the VA primary. She seemed very loose here – it’s easier to relax when you’re not on the national ticket.

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