Harvey Weinstein’s legal team questions why alleged victims maintained contact with him

Harvey Weinstein is set to face sexual assault charges at trial next week, and his legal team as already come up with a “common sense” strategy, according to lead attorney Donna Rotunno.

The lawyer tells TMZ that the defense will attempt to argue that those who consider themselves “victims” don’t willfully maintain contact with their abusers. Rotunno claims to have text messages and other evidence proving the disgraced film exec’s accusers engaged in subsequent interactions with him by choice.

Prosecutors have reportedly dropped one accuser from the case after a lead detective advised her to delete information from her phone that might help Weinstein. Rotunno has also subpoenaed witnesses who will testify to the relationship Weinstein had with his two accusers, including how they interacted with one another and how much time they spent together.

As for jury selection, Weinstein’s team is confident female jurors will be fair and have no plans to automatically exclude them. There’s no word on whether Weinstein himself will testify.

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