Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s Prince Harry in uniform, in the Arctic Circle

I was thinking about covering this story about how Donald Trump’s presidency has wrecked millions of people’s sex lives, but instead I’m aiming for some positivity on Valentine’s Day. And what’s a better V-Day gift than Prince Harry looking slim and gingery in a uniform? Harry flew to northern Norway – within the Arctic Circle, that’s how far north he is – to mark the 50th anniversary of Operation Clockwork. While Harry is no longer a soldier, he still retains several honorary positions in various military branches. He’s the Captain General of the Royal Marines, which is the uniform he’s wearing here.

Operation Clockwork is a training exercise in the Arctic Circle which British servicemen undergo. The 50th anniversary is something to do with the founding of this remote Arctic Circle base for British servicemen to undergo this training. Harry didn’t spend the whole day there – I remember doing the math when this event was announced, and figuring out that Harry will be back home in London by the late evening. So he’ll get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his pregnant wife in some way. This is Harry’s first V-Day as a married man. I hope he did something special for Meghan – flowers, a gift of jewelry, perhaps.

Also, I know there’s probably some rule or regulation about beards and the military, and that might be why Harry trimmed his beard so severely, but I hope he grows it in a bit more. He can grow a full beard, and this junk looks scraggly.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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