Hailey Bieber Snaps a Selfie With Her Giant Billboard in Milan

Hailey Bieber snaps a selfie with her giant billboard in the background on Sunday (September 27) in Milan, Italy.

The 23-year-old model is currently in town for Milan Fashion Week and her Versace billboard is on display for all the guests to see!

Hailey‘s BFF Kendall Jenner was also spotted out and about in Milan that day and you can see the photos of her in the gallery.

Hailey took to her Instagram Stories to show off the super cool billboard.

Both Hailey and Kendall have been very active on their social media accounts to keep fans informed about the election and how they can vote. This past week, Kendall actually completed an Instagram first by going live for the very first time to talk about National Voter Registration Day.

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