Hailey Bieber Proudly Posts About Becoming An Aunt After Older Sister Alaia Gives Birth!

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is taking on important new child rearing responsibilities — as an aunt!

Justin Bieber‘s 23-year-old wife may not yet be ready for kids of her own (yet!), but she’s about to get some really good practice taking care of a new little one running around the house here soon enough! On Monday, her big sis Alaia Baldwin gave birth to a baby girl, announcing Iris Elle Aronow‘s arrival into the world two days later in a lovely Instagram post. Awww!

Stephen Baldwin‘s firstborn daughter expressed her gratitude after giving birth to the 6-lb., 11-oz. girl, writing how she is “absolutely perfect” and thanking her doctor specifically for “making our experience go as smoothly and as beautifully as I ever could have imagined.”

There was no shortage of smiles in that delivery room earlier this week between Alaia, husband Andrew Aronow, and extended family members, as you can see (below):

Awwww! Such an unforgettable, special day!

As for Hailey, the model and popular TV personality shared a snap of one of those same pics on her IG Stories, referring to herself as “Auntie Hails” and boasting about her “PERFECT” niece:

Love it!!!

So happy for the new parents and their adorable little bundle of joy!

Enjoy that aunt life, Hailey!

No doubt she and the Biebs will be doing a lot of babysitting soon enough! After all, it sounds like they’d better start preparing for their own little brood pretty soon… just saying!

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