Get an Extended Look at Jayden Bartels, Jules LeBlanc & Isaiah Crews In ‘Side Hustle’ Premiere! (Exclusive Clip)

We have an extended clip from the upcoming premiere of Side Hustle!

The new clip features Jayden Bartels, Jules LeBlanc and Isaiah Crews in the backyard as previously shown, but continues and shows the moment right before setting the boat on fire.

In the series premiere, “Side Hustling,” the kids get into a jam after accidentally setting a boat on fire. Needing money, they get a job as living mannequins at a fancy store. The kids are excited until they discover they’ll be modeling itchy wool outfits. After spending hours itching and posing, they hatch a plan to close the store early.

Side Hustle also stars Mitchell Berg and Jacques Chevelle.

In case you missed them, get to know Isaiah and Mitchell with our 10 Fun Facts features – See Isaiah‘s here, and click here for Mitchell‘s!

Side Hustle premieres TOMORROW (November 7) at 8:30p/7:30c on Nickelodeon.

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