George Clooney’s Wife Promises to Never Write Another Book for the Sake of Their Marriage

When launching ‘The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law’, Amal Clooney claims that its writing process provided her with another example of how amazing her Hollywood star husband is.

AceShowbiz -Amal Clooney has heaped praise on her husband for his patience as she wrote her new book.

The human rights lawyer launched her legal text, “The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law”, virtually on Wednesday, December 16, and opened up about the impact the in-depth legal investigation had on her six-year marriage to her Hollywood star husband, George Clooney.

Speaking at the remote launch, she said, “I know this process seemed interminable to him. Especially since I was always so sure that this was ‘the very last drafting session,’ over and over again! The book drafting took place at all his filming locations and throughout the process he was not only patient but so wonderfully encouraging and inspiring.”

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“I really did not need another example of how amazing he is but this process provided one.”

Amal then promised her man, who was watching the launch event from the family kitchen, “For the sake of our marriage, I will never do this again!”

Meanwhile, George recently revealed he’d love to see his wife run for President of the United States one day.

He said, “There are certain laws that you have to be an American citizen, but in a perfect world, Amal for President… I would be happy to be First Man… I would be doing all the laundry and mopping the floors. Listen, the world would be a lot better if it was run by Amal and the Amals of the world. Well, it would certainly be a more peaceful world. We know that for sure. I am all for it.”

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