Donald Trump & Joe Biden Are Not Allowed to Do This on Twitter on Election Day

Twitter is implementing new rules.

The social media platform announced on Friday (October 9) that presidential candidates, including Joe Biden and Donald Trump, will not be allowed to declare an unverified victory on Election Day (November 3), via THR.

“People on Twitter, including candidates for office, may not claim an election win before it is authoritatively called. To determine the results of an election in the US, we require either an announcement from state election officials, or a public projection from at least two authoritative, national news outlets that make independent election calls. Tweets which include premature claims will be labeled and direct people to our official US election page,” they announced on their official blog.

They also said any tweet that tries to interfere with the election will be removed.

“Tweets meant to incite interference with the election process or with the implementation of election results, such as through violent action, will be subject to removal. This covers all Congressional races and the Presidential Election,” Twitter declared.

“We will now add additional warnings and restrictions on tweets with a misleading information label from US political figures (including candidates and campaign accounts), US-based accounts with more than 100,000 followers or that obtain significant engagement. People must tap through a warning to see these tweets, and then will only be able to quote tweet; likes, retweets and replies will be turned off, and these tweets won’t be algorithmically recommended by Twitter. We expect this will further reduce the visibility of misleading information, and will encourage people to reconsider if they want to amplify these tweets.”

Click here to see all of the rules.

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