Donald Trump Actually ADMITS ‘Very Cool’ Trump Tower Moscow Talks!

If you’ve withdrawn in disgust from any news surrounding the orange one, you missed a bombshell yesterday.

Donald Trump‘s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty once again Thursday, this time to lying to Congress about Trump’s business ties to the Russian government.

Over the past few years, Trump has been negotiating with Vladimir Putin to build a Trump Tower Moscow — including the ENTIRE time he was running for President and even in 2017.

In other words, he was in bed with Russia months after his campaign was informed by U.S. intelligence they were trying to influence the election! And he and his whole team consistently lied about it!

And he was planning on still building the thing after he got out of the White House!!!

It must be clear to Trump he can’t outright deny all this anymore, and he’s already made all the ad hominem attacks against Cohen. So instead he’s going with his third favorite strategy — play it down and pretend there’s nothing wrong with it.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, he tweeted:

“Lightly looked” at it.

No, it isn’t “very cool” that Trump hid his financial ties to Russia. This is why candidates are supposed to produce their tax returns and business history.

That “talked about it on the campaign trail” line is B.S. too.

Trump never told his voters he was doing everything he could to get on Putin’s good side so he could get tens of millions of dollars from him, certainly not that he was planning to give the Russian president the $50 million penthouse apartment at the top of his tower!

(We promise, that is not a euphemism.)

And it isn’t “very legal” to make a deal with a Russian bank sanctioned by the U.S. government. It’s actually what you’d call “illegal.”

Nor is it “very cool” that the official Republican platform suddenly became incredibly much more Russia-friendly at the exact same time Trump knew they were trying to influence the election in your favor.

That’s called collusion.

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